The taps are flowing on opening night!!!

The taps are flowing on opening night!!!

  The BeerWall

Freedom To Pour

Yes you do get to serve yourself from the 12 taps on the BeerWall……so if you happen to like a big head on your drink then you can pour it just the way you like it. And because you only pay for what you pour from the BeerWall, there is no need to fill your glass to the top especially if you aren’t that thirsty or perhaps you want to leave just the right amount of space to add limonade for your perfect shandy (Radler) or even add cider for a snake bite; but why stop there, make it a beer mix extravaganza!!!

Beer Mix Extravaganza

At StammBar you can mix your beer just as you like it and even try some other drink combinations such as our newly discovered concotion of “Helles” or “Weissbier” and Bionade!!! We call this a Bionadler and it’s refreshingly “Herb” with any of the Bionade flavours such as “Ingwer und Orange”, “Litschi” or even “Hollunder”; it’s a great alternative to “Radler” because Bionade is not as sweet and has at least half the sugar content of Sprite. Bionade and Sprite can be purchased from the beverage fridge across from the BeerWall. Currently On Tap- Augustiner Edelstoff(1), Augustiner Helles(2), König Ludwig Dunkel(3), Andechs Dopplebock(4), Schneider Weisse Tap7(5), König Ludwig Weissbier Hell(6), Tegernseer Spezial(7),  Tegernseer Hell(8), Giesinger Erhellung(9), Budvar(10), Newcastle Brown Ale(11), Magners Cider(12) This is the current line up but we are more than willing to change our selection if guests would prefer something else from the list of our suppliers….check out the Beer Voting below.

The i-Button

To pour your drink from the BeerWall you simply use the i-Button which you can purchase from Robin. If you are new to StammBar then simply try with say 10€. The i-button will have 8€ credit minus 2€ deposit on the button. If we can’t convince you that StammBar has the best hospitality in town or you just won’t be back in town again then you can cash in your button at the bar to have your deposit and remaining funds returned. But if you are local, why not wholly embrace yourself in this new freedom and hold on to your i-Button. There is simply no quicker way in any other bar of getting your beer. Take advantage of the special offers too when you hold on to your button; details can be found at StammBar.