*After years of playing, our board games are looking worse for wear, not to mention the pieces that are missing, the beer-soaked cards (which we had to trash) and of course the stolen games we’ll never see again. Perhaps it’s best if you bring your own games and take them home with you at the end of the night 🙁

*Relax with friends across a Chess or Backgammon board or how about a round of cards in the hand? We have a shelf at the back of the StammBar with games for you to play…….Game On!!!!!   Maybe not a game, but still a lot of fun are our Dyson Airblade Taps……it has been said that the use of them is not so intutively obvious, so we made a short movie for you to watch ;-))

*Sadly there seems to be a plethra of guests that have either not taken good care of the games or even run off with them. There are still a few things on the shelf, but not as much….please bring them back, you know who you are!!!!