StammBar is this:

At StammBar we believe guests are looking for a a place where they feel comfortable, can relax with friends and has a great atmosphere. One way to ensure that this is what you’ll find at StammBar is to let you serve yourself. Yes, let the guest pour their own beer when they want it because StammBar is not about the service, no, StammBar is about extraordinary HOSPITALITY, and we understand that…….you are the best service in town because you know what you want and at StammBar that’s exactly what you will find.

The Highlights:

Your Key to Great Service-

Is the i-Button which gives you the freedom to pour. You can purchase the i-Button from the bar for as little as 5€ (3€ drink credit + 2€ refundable deposit) or better still purchase your button with 20€ or even 50€ to receive a credit bonus* which you can use to purchase for example a snack or perhaps a malt whisky….you keep the button and just load up funds as you need it……no tips, no paying at the end of your visit, just head on home safely and keep your button with you….use it as a convenient key ring. But should you want to return your i-Button, please note that the maximum payout is 10€ due to all the bonuses offered and of course the deposit too. But isn’t it just cooler holding on to the button for your next visit!!!

*We used to offer bonuses when loading higher somes of oney and even when you detected a barrel was empty you received an award…..but corona pandemic has changed all that, simply no wiggle room to allow for that. Please note that WE DO TAKE CARDS, but due to the high transaction fees do prefer CASH!!!


Here you can decide when you want a beer or a cider from the 12 taps on offer and excatly how much in the glass you want to have because you pour it yourself. No waiting for service to get that first drink in and certainly no waiting to pay when you want to leave because it’s all been paid for with your i-Button. Snacks, Cold Drinks and Wine- Your i-button will serve you well here too as you serve yourself to a selection of cold drinks, snacks and wines on offer. You take what you desire and pay for it using the self-service checkout desk with your i-Button. There is ice in the ice machine to add to a wine cooler to keep your white wines chilled or add just the right amount of ice to your glass, just the way you like it, for your soft drink. Single Malts, Spirits and Other Drinks- Sorry folks we had to draw the line somewhere, spirits and Malt whiskies, even weinscholre and a glass of wine you can request at the bar, but payment will also work with the i-Button….it’s simply the key to a good time!!! The Food You Like- We won’t have a kitchen but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up your favourite pizza or doner and bringing it with you. Better still why not order takeaway to be delivered right to the bar, that way you get to eat what you really want but don’t have to move too far to pour your drink of choice. At StammBar we’ll have the plates, cultlery. And to help those guests that don’t quite know what to eat or where to get it, we’ll have a notice board, the FoodWall, where we’ll collect your recommendations and list them for others to try.

Where is this StammBar?

Schellingstr. 59, Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany……..right across from Cafe Altschwabing.

Who is StammBar?

Robin Gilbert (Born in Elderslie, Scotland…birthplace of William Wallace, but of neither the same mother or the same time)

StammBar GmbH
Hochfeldweg 7
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
Handelsregister number HRB 20857 since November 2013