Have you ever waited too long at the bar or in a “Biergarten” to get your beer? Have you ever waited ages until service comes to your table to take your order and then have to wait again until your beer arrives…and then waited again when you are ready to pay and leave? Perhaps the bar or restaurant was too busy, perhaps they did not have enough staff on that day….perhaps you are a very patient person and it didn’t bother you, or did it? What ever the reason for bad service is, it dampens the guest’s enjoyment of being there. In our personal experience, bad service happens way too often and that is what motivated us to create a new concept to solve this problem!

StammBar GmbH wanted to create a guest-focused experience that took away their wait for tapped beverages, give the guest an opportunity to try several different beverages without having to consume full glasses and always receive the correct volume in the glass that they payed for!!! Using a self-pour system seemed to tick all the concept boxes: use a prepaid key and pay only for what is poured. Unfortunately the current self-pour systems on the market did not offer the features we wanted and nor the system performance required for this concept. Another problem with these systems was of course the expensive setup costs and the yearly maintenance contracts. Moreover, the concern with not having a local maintenance partner for speedy repairs in the event of hard and software problems left little option but to build our own StammBar system. To test StammBar’s self-pour system we set up a small bar in Munich with a 12 tap BeerWall. In addition, a mobile version in a refrigerated trailer with 10 taps was also created to test the concept outdoors. After almost 10 years of StammBar, our technology has delivered the experience we had hoped, including system stability and ease of maintenance. And more importantly the positive resonance we receive from our guests of how delighted they are, confirms that we have a winning system. We own our equipment and build what we want, we can modify it to suit are needs, we can connect different locations so that a guest’s key, which they can choose to keep, can use their prepaid balance at any future StammBar locations including mobile trailers…..concept COMPLETED!!!

What now?

StammBar GmbH has, in our opinion, the best self-pour system on the market with the best features and delivers not just a great experience to guests but greater return for the business especially considering the smaller numbers of staff needed to run the bar. It takes of course money and good people to build on a successful concept to eventually create a lucrative business but the corona years and struggling economy has halted any expansion plans for StammBar GmbH. We want to secure the future of StammBar and that requires committed investors and partners. “StammBar4Sale” is our motto and if you can help secure the future of StammBar’s self-pour technology then lets talk, come on by StammBar, Schellingstrasse 59, Munich or contacts us at: 4Sale@stammbar.com

StammBar Information Brochures (PDF Format)